About BWTC


As an inspired Cinematographer or ( DP) Director Of Photography, Bam Sutton AkA Bam With The Cam(era) is on the rise. Bam’s Hustle: The World Is One Big Motion Picture! As a native new yorker Bam freelances as a videographer/video editor in the NYC/NJ area.
as a graduate of the “Made In NY” production training program, it open doors to the film and television world for me. I found my calling as a film grip. I like to rig and set up lighting to achieve a look or feel for a scene. At the same time I’m watching the DP (Director Of Photography). His job is to establish a visual look of a movie. he’s back and forth with the director, putting the plan together. I knew thats what I wanted to do.

I currently freelance on various film and television production sets as camera AC or film grip working my way up the ladder. I’ve worked at ABC televisions learning to produce tv pilots, to working at ESPN Monday Night Football as utility. I was a production assistant (PA) on tons of films and episodic shows. When I’m not soaking up game in the film world, Im covering events for clients. I’m playing paparozzi, shooting music videos or creating content for blogs and websites at the same time working on projects of my own. I provide a service for anyone who may need a visual for their brand, company or image. “My focus is to provide my clients with visuals that will help tell their story or give them a memorable moment. I love to travel, so I will go just about anywhere in this world to capture a scene that will bring my projects to life’.

If you need some kind of visual assistance or services feel free to contact me. I Got You Covered!

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