Hey, Im Anthony Bam Sutton a freelance videographer/video editor in the NYC/NJ area. As an inspired Cinematographer or Director Of Photography, I have a love for storytelling. I enjoy the process of creating visuals based off ideas. As a graduate of the “Made In NY” production training program,  “Made In Ny” opened the doors to the film and television world for me. It prepare me for the adversity faced on set .

As A production assistant I worked on numerous film and television productions from big budget films, Independent projects to reality tv shows. I has my longest run at ABC television working on a production where he experience traveling to different states and country’s filming for this project. I worked at ESPNs “Monday Night Football” as field runner. its nothing like live football, the preparation we put into making  Monday Night Football a success is mind blowing.

I left the Film industry in 2018 to start my own independent production company where we shoot everything from music videos to commercials for numberous brands and companies. I believe quality videos is something all my clients deserve. Do you need video quality that will make your content stand out? Would you like to work with someone who stay up to date with the latest video trends, someone who understand the process it takes to make good quality content? You come to the right place. Im Anthony “Bam” Sutton, freelance videographer/ content creator. I have over ten years experience in video production. Let me and my team help you with your next video project. You won’t be sorry you chose Bam With The Cam.

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